Let's have a look at our calibration services;

Here at Archo Tuning we offer custom ECU & TCU calibration by comparing the stock software that came on your car and amending these values. Some tuners will simply upload "templates" and call it a calibration. For us every car is unique and we never use the same file twice.   


We use the best tools in the game, all fully licensed, this is a very important factor when it comes to working on clients cars. Licensing our software is one of the largest costs in the tuning and calibration industry. Sometimes people will cut corners and use non legit tools and software. This can cause a whole load of issues from bricking the car on the spot to poor performance. We deal with faulty map's day in day out, we are one of few tuners who are happy to work on pre-tuned cars due to our extensive expertise and support on hand. 

Stage 1 Performance & Economy

During a Stage 1 remap, the ECU's factory settings are adjusted to enhance various parameters such as fuel injection timing, air-fuel mixture, turbocharger boost pressure, ignition timing, and other relevant factors. These modifications are aimed at increasing the engine's power and torque output, as well as improving throttle response and overall drivability.

Stage 1 remaps are typically done on vehicles with turbocharged or supercharged engines, as they offer more potential for power gains through software modifications. The exact changes made during a Stage 1 remap may vary depending on the specific vehicle and engine, as well as the preferences set out by you and our recommendations 

By making these adjustments, a Stage 1 remap typically offers noticeable improvements in power, torque, and overall performance. The exact power gains can vary depending on the specific vehicle, engine, and other factors, but it is common to see power increases of around 10-20% over the stock configuration.

Stage 2

In a Stage 2 remap, along with the adjustments made to the engine control unit (ECU), certain hardware modifications are typically added to maximize the power gains. These hardware upgrades may include:

Upgraded exhaust system: A freer-flowing exhaust system, often including a performance downpipe and sports catalyst, allows for improved exhaust gas flow, reducing backpressure and enhancing engine performance.

Upgraded air intake system: Replacing the stock air filter and intake system with a high-performance air filter or an aftermarket cold air intake can increase the volume and quality of air entering the engine, resulting in improved combustion and power output.

Intercooler upgrade: In turbocharged engines, a larger or more efficient intercooler may be installed to reduce the intake air temperature, improving the density of the air charge and enhancing performance.

Other modifications: Depending on the specific vehicle and tuner, other upgrades such as upgraded fuel injectors, high-performance spark plugs, or a boost controller may be included in a Stage 2 setup.

Addons & Deletes 

We offer a range of addons to go with or without a ECU calibration. Most of these come as a free option with a Stage 1 or 2.


Cold Start Noise Reduction 

DTC / Error Code Delete

EVAP Removal


Speed Limiter Off

Swirl Flaps Off


Active Grill Shutter Off

DPF Off (Diesel)


Exhaust Flaps Off

Hot Start Fix

O2/Lambda Off


Start Stop Off

Torque Monitoring Off




Hardcut / Popcorn Limiter (Diesel Only)

Pops & Bangs -On Sport Button

Pops & Bangs

Hard Pops & Bangs w/ Flames (if possible)

Launch Control Enable (if possilbe)

Specialist In AdBlue Solutions

An AdBlue delete, also known as AdBlue removal or AdBlue bypass, refers to the process of disabling or removing the AdBlue system from a vehicle. AdBlue is a solution composed of urea and demineralized water that is injected into the exhaust system of diesel vehicles equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. It helps reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by converting them into harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

The AdBlue system is typically controlled by the vehicle's engine control unit (ECU) and involves various components such as an AdBlue tank, pump, injector, and sensors. However, some vehicle owners may choose to delete or bypass the AdBlue system for several reasons, including:

Cost-saving: AdBlue is an additional fluid that needs to be refilled periodically, and its cost can add up over time. By deleting the AdBlue system, the vehicle owner avoids the expense associated with purchasing and refilling AdBlue.

Maintenance and reliability: The AdBlue system, like any other component, can potentially develop faults or require maintenance. Removing the system eliminates the need for maintenance, potential repairs, or sensor failures related to the AdBlue system.

Performance modifications: In some cases, vehicle owners may choose to delete the AdBlue system as part of a broader performance modification plan. These modifications may involve adjusting the engine's ECU software to increase power output or altering the exhaust system for better performance. AdBlue removal can be seen as a complementary modification in such cases.

It's important to note that AdBlue deletion or bypass is not legal in many countries, as it typically leads to higher emissions, which violates environmental regulations. Additionally, removing the AdBlue system may void the vehicle's warranty, and it may not pass emission tests or inspections.

If you are considering an AdBlue delete, it's crucial to research the laws and regulations in your specific region, consult with our team of automotive experts and tuners. Please consider the potential consequences before proceeding with any modifications.


Kess V2, KTAG, Kess V3, ECM Titanium 

We use Authorized tools from Alientech Such as the Kess v2 OBD device combined with the KTAG for bench/boot work. We made the jump to the Kess v3 all in one tool as well giving us access to tune a broad range of vehicles 


Autotuner - OBD, Bench, Boot

Autotuner is a newer to the block tuning tool, favoured by tuners around the world for its 1st in class interface and support. We have chosen to have Autotuner as part of our tool fleet to ensure we are staying up to date with latest car releases and to have industry leading recovery methods at our disposal.