Hydrogen Carbon Cleaning (HHO)

We use an industry leading HHO generator to produce hydrogen gas that we introduce to your engine through the air intake system. 

The reaction during the combustion causes a phase change in carbon deposits, returning to a gaseous state, which is then expelled through the exhaust system.

Gains in Mileage:

You could gain between 30% – 50% for most gas/petrol driven cars.

Diesel engines can get greater efficiency still, 40% – 70% is not uncommon.

The gains are largely dependent on the make of your vehicle and engine size. The bigger the engine, the greater the gains that will be seen. These gains will be achieved with no modifications to your engine.

Increased Power:

Your engine will run much smoother with an increase in power of about 10% because of the better combustion, as a result of the combination of fuel and HHO (oxyhydrogen) being burnt together.

HHO gas, Oxyhydrogen Burns 200 times faster than petrol/gasoline helping your fuels burn rate increase resulting in a more complete burn. This actually makes your engine run cooler which also means less engine wear.

The better burn of your fuel is what gives the economy.


Cleaner Engine:

  1. Carbon deposits will be cleaned out of your engine (piston tops and valves, etc) when using HHO gas.
  2. Your car will run smoother and more efficiently with an increase in power.
  3. Your spark plugs will never oil up, giving a better spark.
  4. Your engine oil will not degrade so fast as the engine runs cooler and with less carbon deposits helping the oil retain its composure.
  5. Your Catalytic converters lifespan will be increased.
  6. Your vehicles engine life will increase significantly due to the reduced engine wear.